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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (11th September 2007)
by Sam Benger
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THE first anniversary of Steve Irwin's death was a time of reflection tinged with sadness yesterday, but Steve Irwin Day in November will be one of celebration and conservation.

Twelve months after the death of the Crocodile Hunter, thousands of people across the globe stopped to remember the lovable larrikin Aussie yesterday.

Many found it hard to believe that a year had gone by since that tragic accident in Far North Queensland when Steve Irwin was fatally struck by a stingray barb while filming a documentary.

As people gathered at Australia Zoo, the common thread from comments about Steve was that he was a great ambassador for Australia and people genuinely believed he had made a difference to the world through his messages of conservation.

That’s why on November 15, Australia Zoo and the Irwin family will have a day dedicated to Steve’s great passions in life: family and wildlife.

People are encouraged to don khaki clothes, camp out in the backyard, and raise funds for Wildlife Warriors as part of the celebrations.

The Zoo is also planning activities and tributes to Steve that day to ensure his legacy continues.

As always, conservation, education and fun will be the themes.

Youngsters will be encouraged to learn about reptiles like crocodiles and snakes, so they respect and care for the animals instead of fear them.

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