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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (9th October 2007)
by Renae Dyer
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A PARTNERSHIP with honey producer Capilano negotiated by Steve Irwin in the days before his death has been honoured by his widow, Terri.

The partnership, announce at Australia Zoo yesterday, will result in a portion of profits from the sale of each 500g Capilano premium honey product sold go directly into supporting Australia Zoo’s wildlife conservation programs.

A zoo spokeswoman was unclear yesterday on exactly how much from each sale would go towards programs such as endangered and priority species breeding, field study, habitat acquisition and animal rescue.

She was also unsure whether there was an overall target.

In a brief ceremony before a large crowd at the zoo's Crocoseum, Terri Irwin said she was excited to carry on the partnership, which Steve had agreed to a little more than one year ago.

"Bees need trees to make honey, and the more trees we cut down the less likely we are to have these natural honey products," she said.

"We look forward to fulfilling this special partnership and ensuring our kids can enjoy this natural product."

The Australian-made product will feature the Irwin family on its recyclable packaging, with a commitment to raising money for conservation.

Terri said Steve and the family were big fans of Capilano Honey and its many uses and she encouraged the community to use endorse the product.

"I love warm honey on yoghurt for breakfast," she said.

"Steve always said it was good to cook with.

"At least that’s what Steve told me – I was the eater, not the cooker.

"I'm sure Steve would say, 'honey rules'."

The managing director of Capilano Honey, Roger Masters, said the joint venture would increase the opportunity to focus on the future of bees and the honey they produced.

"Steve's unquestionable commitment to the environment and conservation is in harmony with our stance on ensuring there are sufficient trees and flowers to support bees making our honey in Australia," he said.

The company appreciated the opportunity to share the Crocodile Hunter's vision and give back to the environment.

The products will be available in stores later this month.

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