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News Source: Entertainer (12th November 2007)
by Lisa Kither
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I STILL find it hard to believe that I won't see Steve Irwin at his famous Australia Zoo.

In the past I'd often be at the zoo for a story and he'd go past on a motorbike with his young son holding on tight. Or standing by his little girl as she proudly announced to the world that when she grew up she wanted to be just like her daddy.

Or there was the impressive crocodile show where the most amazing thing I ever saw - which Steve said amazed him too - was when a crocodile refused to head out the back of the Crocoseum and Steve literally had to pull it by the tail.

And there was always the touching moments between Steve and Terri that always made me believe in true love, and the sweet moments caught on film as this young family grew up in the public eye, sharing their knowledge and love for our earth and inspiring others to join them in making a difference.

It's most hard to believe that it has already been 14 months since the world lost a man whose sole purpose in life was to make this world a better place for all of us, and safeguard our most vulnerable creatures.

The strength he instilled in his family is also something special, as they have managed to brave their fears and continue their life’s journey without this guiding light and continue to build on the legacy that is Steve Irwin.

As a mad fan of the zoo and its residents, I am thrilled we are celebrating the life of our most famous Wildlife Warrior with Steve Irwin Day.

There will be loads happening on the day with big names like Olivia Newton-John and Jimmy Barnes joining in and Miss Bindi taking the opportunity to continue to make her dad proud as she gives the world premiere of three new songs.

I'll be out there on the day to bring you images of the action but if you can’t make it, sign up for one of the other fun activities like Khaki Day or the Backyard Campout. get dressed in your best khaki, practise your best "crikey!" and celebrate life Irwin style!

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