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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (19th November 2007)

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CROCODILE Hunter Steve Irwin will be posthumously awarded with an adjunct professorship at the University of Queensland.

The university last year revealed it was about to make Irwin, pictured, an adjunct professor in its school of Integrative Biology in honour of his scientific research, but he died before he could accept the award.

Irwin's wife Terri will accept the award on November 14, when the university holds a free public lecture about crocodile research.

UQ crocodile expert and Irwin's close friend, Professor Craig Franklin, said the presentation would be moving given the Crocodile Hunter had been killed before the honour could be presented.

"Notification of the honour was waiting for Steve at Australia Zoo, but sadly he never returned to find out the good news," Prof Franklin said. "This presentation now gives us the opportunity to publicly recognise his remarkable contribution to research and conservation."

Irwin's widow Terri will accept the award on the eve of the first Steve Irwin Day.

"I am very proud because this honours Steve as a scientist in his own right and recognises Steve's ongoing research work," she said in a statement.

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