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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (5th December 2007)

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The unveiling of a statue in Mooloolaba of Steve, Bob and Bindi Irwin attracted quite a crowd. So what did they think of it?

WENDY BROOKS, of Alexandra Headland, thought kids would love it. "I should have brought my best friend's son with me today, he thinks he's Steve Irwin!" she said. "It's really cool."

Melbourne tourist KYLIE LONG, who brought her family to the Coast to see Australia Zoo, said the statue was a nice surprise. "It looks fantastic," she said. "The artist is an excellent sculptor."

Mooloolaba's RAY GARLAND found the statue incredibly realistic. "It's so life-like! I think its absolutely fantastic he's captured the likeness closely," he said.

Redcliffe's BERNIE ELLIOTT thought there was something missing. "I think it's tremendous, but i think it should have has his wife Terri in it as well," he said.

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