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News Source: The Courier-Mail (6th December 2007)
by Sarah Wotherspoon
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TERRI Irwin is awaiting the day she reads the headline "Steve Irwin stops whaling vessel".

It may happen sooner rather than later as the Crocodile Hunter's widow unveiled a new moniker yesterday for an anti-whaling ship owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The newly Christened Steve Irwin, formerly the Robert Hunter, left Melbourne yesterday bound for Antarctic waters, where its crew will attempt to stop "scientific" whaling.

With a crew of 41, including 12 Australians, the ship will spend about two months in the Southern Ocean pursuing Japanese whalers who plan to take 935 minke whales, 50 endangered humpbacks and 50 endangered fin whales.

Ms Irwin called Japan to end its whaling program.

Ship captain Paul Watson said he hoped to arrive in the Antarctic within six days, hopefully ahead of the Japanese fleet to surprise them.

"We are not going down there to protest whaling, we are going down there to stop an illegal activity," Mr Watson said.

"This is the 21st century. it's time to put whaling in the past, where it belongs."

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