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News Source: The Daily Mercury (Mackay) (10th December 2007)
by Chantelle Bollard
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"CRIKEY!" It's the catchphrase that was embraced by the nation, and last Friday, the first official Steve Irwin Remembrance Day was no exception.

In an effort to remember their favourite crazy wildlife warrior, Jade and Brianna Moon held a backyard campout with a handful of Mackay youngsters to put some fun into fundraising.

Through show and tell at school, internet involvement and business support the team they call Stevo's Sweaty Bullet Brigade, raised more than $1000 in support of a cause that is so close to the hearts of the youngsters.

One year after the death of their wildlife hero, the children, aged from two to 13, made the effort to remember the man who meant excitement, enthusiasm and adventure, incorporating the thing they love the most - wildlife.

"I love animals, and I wanted to help all the sick and injured wildlife, so we thought this would be such a fun way to do it," Brianna said. After pitching their tents, the activities kick off the adventurous evening including making their own action-packed documentary of jumping crocs, wildlife spotting and toasting marshmallows huddled around a campfire.

Kathleen Moon, the mother of Brianna and Jade, said the event went well and she was happy the bad weather stayed away.

"It was great, and tucked up tight in their tents, the kids slept well knowing they had contributed to an amazing cause to help wildlife conservation and the rehabilitation of habitat the world over," Ms Moon said...

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