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News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (19th December 2007)
by Alan Lander
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Reptiles were out in force in Mooloolaba yesterday.

But they all had minders, clustered around Australia Zoo's shop on the Esplanade, as Terri Irwin singed copies of her book My Steve for a throng of buyers and well-wishers.

The book has taken the world by storm, but Terri has not forgotten her local supporters - in fact she's happy to be home after a whirlwind international tour promoting the book.

"I'm so pleased to be closer to home," she said yesterday, giving her signature hand a short rest.

"I'm 'doing' Carindale (in Brisbane) this afternoon, so it made for an opportunity to visit Mooloolaba."

It has been a long stint away from home.

"I've been on the road for six months," Terri said.

"But coming home is so special; it's so good to see people on the Coast."

It's a chance to give back some of the support the community has given her over the dark times after losing Steve.

"It's good to be out back meeting people and getting feedback, trying to get to people en masse."

"People have been so supportive of my family."

As for the book, it’s a huge hit overseas, but Australian figures have not yet been released.

"The book made number 12 on the New York best sellers list, and number eight in the UK," Terri said.

"We are waiting on the figure here in Australia."

"All proceeds go back into conservation."

And in a short time, Terri and her family will be able to relax a little for Christmas, being spent at home this year.

"I have a whole month off in Australia," she said.

"We will have Christmas with Steve's sister."

"Last year, we had Christmas in Oregon (USA)."

"So there is no snow this year."

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