June 2004
Crocodile Hunter wants to see red

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Sunshine Coast Daily, June 2004


News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, page 28, 5 June, 2004

Irwins back fundraising day for research into SIDS

They may have a reputation for being the most fearless couple on the Sunshine Coast but the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, and his wife Terri are the first to admit no one is invincible.

The Irwin family will be donning their red noses more than once this month to raise much needed funds and awareness for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the brave families whose children have fallen victim to the silent killer. Mr Irwin has encouraged families to visit Australia Zoo in the lead-up to Red Nose Day on June 25, pop on a red nose and give the crocodiles something to smile about. “It’s an absolute honour for me and my family to be involved with this year’s Red Nose Day. Crikey, SIDS is a terrible thing to have happened to any parent and I ask everyone to get behind this year’s Red Nose Day and whack on a red nose,” he said.

Mrs Irwin said although both she and Steve were constantly approached by a number of organisations, SIDS and Kids Queensland was one cause they could not turn away. “We have two healthy, happy kids and are absolutely the luckiest parents on earth. We are very supportive of this cause so we decided to sell the noses and other Red Nose Day stuff at Australia Zoo,” she said.

The Irwins’ support adds to the growing number of celebrities who are lending their noses to this year’s annual charity event that will see festivities kick off in Brisbane’s King George Square.

State manager of SIDS and Kids Queensland, Peter Conlon, said celebrations for Red Nose Day would begin at 10am with school children to join in what is described as the biggest kiddies party of the years. “We’ll have Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive Do The Five, the Totally Wild Team with Ranger Stacy, Nickelodeon’s Rug Rats characters, as well as other performers and entertainers,” Mr Conlon said. “There’ll be plenty of activities for children to join in and have fun because that’s what we are about – keeping children enjoying their precious lives.”

Being a not-for-profit organisation, SIDS and Kids Queensland’s Red Nose Day is the organisation’s major fundraiser.

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