December 2004
Happily recycled Christmas cards

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Sunshine Coast Daily Good Living 29 December 2004



News Source: Sunshine Coast Daily Good Living, page 29, Wednesday 29th December, 2004

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is urging Australians to snap to it when it comes to recycling their Christmas cards for Planet Ark.

“Like everyone else, I get huge amounts of Christmas cards and all of these can be recycled through Cards 4 Planet Ark,” said the internationally-famous Australian.

“This campaign runs until the end of January and we need everyone’s help to recycle tens of millions of cards.”

As part of the popular recycling push, Australia Post is giving away one million Cards 4 Planet Ark recycling envelopes.

‘All you have to do is jump into your local participating Australia Post outlet and ask for free recycling envelopes,” Steve said.

“You just put your greeting cards inside them and then mail them free at any one of 15,000 post boxes around Australia.”

People can also drop their greeting cards and envelopes into the specially marked Planet Ark recycling bins at any Coles supermarket.

Since the campaign’s inception, millions of Australians have participated, helping to recycle over half a billion greeting cards and envelopes.

“By recycling these cards Planet Ark has been able to save thousands of trees,” said Steve.

All types of greeting cards will be accepted by Planet Ark to be recycled into new products like Safe toilet tissue or packaging.

“Turning greeting cards into dunny roll is a very practical idea,” Steve said. “It’s also a beautiful way to give the environment a happy new year!”.

For details of greeting card recycling locations in you area, go to and simply type in you post code.